Keith's Great Adventure... Keith who?
Even though Keith Goebel was not able to attend the 4D Summit in San Diego (as he solemnly promised), his spirit has joined us.

Join us through our tour of San Diego and the 4D Summit 2000!

Check back frequently for updates... :-)

Send Keith an e-mail telling him how much you enjoyed seeing him at the Summit!

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Pre Summit Pictures

Keith & Doug Blew enjoy lunch at Anthony's Fish Grotto

Keith does the Navy...

Dinner time with Tom Lundeen, Doug Blew, & Jim Rietz!

Checkin' out the menu


Doug & Keith... hmmm

...and then the paramedics were there...

Keith can't hold it

One too many...

Keith in custody...

On the road again...

Keith! It's breakfast time!

Relaxing by the pool

Skinny dipping!


Tuesday's meal...

...with all Keith's friends. after dinner smoke with the guys...


Outside the US Grant Hotel

Checking in the US Grant Hotel

Pre Conference class begins

Just do it my way... style works!


Welcome Fiesta (Wednesday evening)

Getting in good with Keith.

Dave Batton & Keith
discuss the future of Foundation

Bryan Pearce, Keith, Tom Lundeen, & Mike Jablonski party on.

Keith is always the center of attraction...
with Dennis Carnine, John Steele, Chris Cypert, & Rich Gay

Tom, Keith, & Tom

Fill'r up!
Keith & Michele

Lee Hinde, Keith, & Tom

Late night dinner...

Hey... watch it!

And let the show begin! (Thursday)

At the Keynote, Brendan notes that Keith has increased the number of countries participating by 1.

Lunch time again!

Thursday evening...

Here we go again...

Knew this would happen eventually...

We are reasonably sure this is one of Keith's relatives (found 3 blocks from the Summit).

Dinner with Tom Lundeen, Mike Jablonski, and Charles Newcomb.


Keith gets blamed for Thursday's keynote technical diffulties and is banned from Friday's introduction.

Friday evening party at the Aero Space Museum

Keith makes a spectacular entry...

(Click for QuickTime movie)

Don't know how you got up there, Keith...
but Get Down!

Karen Sabog "This should be moved to the Community list..."

Mural painted by New Zealand Pilot & Artist-Designer Jon Francis Petrie

Full view of mural

Keith dances up a storm...

(Click for QuickTime movie)

Lisa and Debbie cuddle up to Keith.

Laurent and the French 4D team consult Keith for advice...

Lee Hinde, Keith, Ron Dell'Aquila, Tom Lundeen, and Larry Sharpe

Ok, it's a deal! Summit 2001 in New Zealand!


Keith receives the award for the only person to attend all sessions

Brian Green hosts "Who wants to be a 4D Engineer" game...

and a secret is revealed about Brendan

John Steele donates a special prize to the first person entering the "Who wants to be a 4D Engineer" game! It's a genuine Foresight Financials shirt! Dennis Carnine reluctantly accepted stating he did need some rags as he was painting his house.

Saturday Evening

Waiting outside the Mexican resturant

And here's to Keith!

Cha Cha Cha!

More evidence Keith has relatives in the U.S. It appears they have been used as sign actors...

Too much again!

The trip back to the Summit area.

And after the Summit

Keith is found hanging around...